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Cape Escape mountain biking tours was founded in 2005. We are based at the foot of the iconic Table Mountain.

My name is Patrick I ride as well as run Cape Escape mountain biking tours office. You will be speaking with me when you hop on the phone. I live and breathes mountain biking.

When I first started mountain biking, the luxury of picking the ideal bike for your riding style didn’t exist. There was one kind of bike. By today’s standards the brakes were terrible, and the frames were big and heavy. It’s almost ironic that since the days of one bike for all, the sport has separated to advance with far more options. Are you going for an all-day XC ride or a quick lung burner?

With its plethora of tracks and varied terrain, the Western Cape region lends itself to mountain biking. We have selected our different mountain biking trails within the Western Cape province.  From the iconic Table Mountain and windswept beaches to wide-sky spaces and arid plains of the Karoo. Quiet, remote dirt roads or tight, twisting single tracks begging to be explored by bike; this is how you can engage in a genuine experience of South Africa.  

We are passionate about mountain biking as well as friendly and knowledgeable and may teach you a few things you never knew about!

Enjoy, gear up and ride on, The Cape awaits.

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We are Visionaries


Our vision at Cape Town Mountain biking tours is to provide exceptional mountain biking tours in Cape Town, promoting sustainable tourism and fostering a welcoming community for all levels of mountain bikers. By showcasing the natural beauty of Cape Town and its surrounding areas through our tours. We aim to be the leading provider of high-quality Mountain bike tours, providing to our guests a safe, enjoyable and unforgettable outdoor adventure experience that will leave them wanting to return for more.

To be the Best at What we Do


Our mission at Cape Town Mountain Biking Tours is to share the breathtaking beauty and diverse terrain of Cape Town and its surroundings through the lens of mountain biking. Our knowledgeable guides and quality equipment ensure that each ride is safe, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable outdoor recreation and exceptional mountain biking experience to help riders discover their own love for this exciting and dynamic sport.