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Our mountain bike full day tour combines two areas. Firstly, the Silvermine nature reserve and, secondly, the Tokai Forest. The Silvermine mountain bike trail starts on a rough 4×4 jeep track. Just 2 kilometers into the ride, the surface changes to dual concrete strips, helping with traction along this steep section. Sweeping views at the summit will reward your climb. From here the fun starts as you blast into a spiral of s-bends carving the fynbos ridge. It takes you a minute to zigzag all the way back to the lac, a great swimming place in summer. Followed by a stretch of rocky and sandy single connecting us to level 5 Tokai Forest contour road.

In 2015, a devastating fire gutted the Tokai Mountain bike trail network. After a tiresome refurbishing process by a committed team of builders and volunteers, the trail returned to its former glory. The tall alien pine trees that once ruled these parts and provided shelter from the sweltering heat have been replaced by small shrubs and natural fynbos-like vegetation.

See the radio mast on top of the mountain? That’s where we’re heading. Expect a grueling stretch of gravel up into the rugged mountain range. Small break gives us a chance to admire the spectacular views overlooking Tokai and the vast expanses of the Cape Flats. It’s moments like these that make you appreciate the beauty of nature. The climb up to the mast is tough and for every kilometer you travel you gain 100m in elevation. It’s a climb most love to hate – beautiful but torturous. It’s a benchmark for riders to gauge their fitness and strength.

The radio mast is omnipresent – like a sentinel, it guards the summit. It’s the closest South Africans can get to a Tour de France HC climb. Not only is it the ideal fitness test, but it also offers a 360-degree view of the Cape Peninsula.

Sweat and granny gear are the order of the day as you wind your way up towards the Sentech mast (Constantia berg 987m), the last 5.4 km gradient at 7% average.

Above all, caution must be taken on the descent. It’s an ideal test for man and machine against gravity. Your brakes will squeal and smolder in agony as they slow you down for the many hairpin bends that punctuate the route.

Once you reach the road fork, the gravel signals the imminent start of the single track. There are many natural features such as rock gardens, tree stumps and roots that comprise the single track. Having hosted an ABSA Cape Epic prologue and many races and events over the years, Tokai has always been held in high esteem.

In conclusion, if you like a challenge, this one is for you. The subsequent beauty of the area and many facets of the routes makes it a beautiful day on the saddle. To sum up, a mountain bike full day tour to remember.



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