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Be Responsible and Respectful

Responsible Travel

Tourism is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries and it can have very positive or very negative impacts on its hosts. These days Responsible Travel and Sustainability are hot topics. Responsible Travel is not about donation large sums of money to charity (at least not without thoroughly researching the long-term intentions or effects of the charity) or merely following the trend. We believe Responsible Travel is about taking time to think about how our actions can benefit or how they impact the people, communities, economies, environments and eco-systems we visit and then use this to make a difference (or sometimes more appropriately- how we cannot make a difference) The following are some suggestions to make your experience with us a responsible and respectful one.

Respecting nature

Table Mountain Ethics

  • Always respect other people on the mountain
  • Stay on demarcated paths
  • Take all litter home
  • Do not commit any acts of vandalism
  • Do not pick plants
  • Do not feed the wildlife
  • Do not pollute water systems
  • Do not light fires
  • Do not smoke on the mountain
  • Do not swim in the reservoirs