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Cape Town Mountain Biking Tours | Mountain Biking Equipment

Cycling Shorts Ride Longer and Stay Comfortable

A comfortable padded short. The padding  reduces pressure on sensitive areas and should be worn without underwear to prevent chafing.

Cycling jerseys are made from technical fabrics that wick the sweat away from your body. Short sleeve as well as long sleeve jerseys will keep the sun off your arms. Quality waterproof jackets with a base layer, many have zip-off arms, which means they can be turned into extremely useful gilets.


Mountain Biking Gloves for Comfort and Safety

Your hands are one of the first things to come down to the ground when you crash. I recommend full-fingered gloves over the cutoff finger type. Don’t get caught red handed.

Cycling Shoes

Mountain Biking Shoes - Pedal More Efficiently and Keep Comfortable

Cycle in stiff-soled cycling shoes with cleats attached to the pedals, particularly for longer distances.

When using clipless pedal and shoe system, make sure you are comfortable  clipping in and out your pedals.

If you hire a mountain bike from us our bike come with flat pedals. If you use a pedal system we recommend you bring your own pedals that can then be fitted to your bike.


Eye Protection - Protect Your Vision from Wind, Bugs, and Dirt

Something in your eye can run you right off the trail and into trouble. Eye protection such as sunglasses or clear-lenses glasses keep your eyes free from debris and protect them from the wind that can cause your eyes to tear and blur your vision. Make sure you use non-breakable lenses for safety.

Hydration camel back

Hydration System - Keep Yourself Hydrated for Better Energy and Health

Drink plenty of water when cycling in warm conditions. We will provided water bottles for your exclusive use during the trip. For longer trips we recommend taking a hydration backpack such as a Camel-back.

Mountain Biking Helmets

It is compulsory to wear a helmet when cycling in South Africa. Helmet should be light weight and well ventilated to keep your head cool. Helmet is also supplied, however you may also bring your own.